Employment Background Checks

Services_Employment-Verification-Services-&-Technologies_PortalEmployers tend to be very cautious about who they hire, to know if the person will be trustworthy or they will endanger the company and their status. So they do a background check on the people they are hiring. But there are a few who will also look at their employee’s criminal records.

If you are an employer and is very cautious about the state of your company but do not know what to do about background checking or searching for criminal records, these are the kind of questions that you will ask.

What is an Employment Criminal Background Check?

A Criminal Background Check used for Employment is a search of criminal files for a possible criminal record of the applicant, these are the core of most employment background checks and the most common of all the searches being requested.

What Does It Consist of?

County, Federal, State and Nationwide Criminal Record Checks are some of the several searches available to help meet the employer and job requirements.

Does an Employer’s Use of Criminal Records Have Any Restrictions?

Yes! Local, Federal and State laws and regulations impact both the employer’s inquiries into and use of the applicant or the employee criminal records.

What About the Instant National Background Checks?

The Databases that are used for the Instant Background Checks are mostly incomplete and are out of date. Holes in their coverage on Time, Accuracy and Completeness.

How Long Does a Criminal Background Check take?

Most of the searches about criminal records are completed in Three business days or less, which is from the time the background check request was received. But in some cases the process will take longer.

How Can an Applicant Get a Criminal Background Check?

Basic steps on how to get one are:

  • The applicant’s background check notification documents should be provided.
  • A written approval should be obtained from the applicant.
  • Place a background check order and then review the results.

Even though your questions have been answered, there are still the dos and don’ts on conducting these background checks.

Don’t Run A Search By Doing It By Yourself.shutterstock_144275002

The internet is a vast infinite space of information but it still cannot answer everything. So get an accredited firm that will do it for you. Which is easier and safe on your part.

Don’t Look for Just The Negatives.

Background checks are most of the time used to seek out the negative information of the person they are hiring.

Be Consistent.

If two or more are applying for the same job always conduct same kind of background searches. When you conduct a search on an applicant’s criminal records, be sure to conduct it on all of the applicants.

Don’t Break, Bend, or Even Twist the Laws.

Many opportunities are used to conduct searches in a wrong way. Which means Employers must take care of rules and regulations. It can have a great impact on the applicant.

For more information about Employment Background Checks and Criminal Records go to http://govpubliacces.com/.


Understanding Record Verification

Record Verification is based on every search criterion which is uniquely generated.

Records being provided has information from various public records which is more than 450 million criminal records.

Records being collected is from hundreds of data sources which is publicly available information and it includes county and state administrative office of the courts.


What are the publicly available information and the public records?

Public records are the information that is or has been filed and recorded by the Local, State and Federal Agencies including other government agencies like corporate and property records.

Public records don’t just have Criminal Records but they also have vital, immigration, real estate, driving records and even voter registrations. The essential records are accessible to the public but kept and maintained by the government.

 They match the records based in the search criteria that has been entered, such as a full name and Birthdate.

If any matches were found, it is then listed the key information they have about the person’s information, and if they have one, their criminal records. They have it record by record amount of information included will vary by source.

To provide you an instant access to the best and relevant records like criminal records, http://govpublicaccess.com/ will select records that will match you criteria and show them to you. Their database returns sufficient amount of records that matches the elements that is relevant for your search.