What is in The Public Records of Your Employees?

search_detective_online_crop380wThere are a lot of great reasons why you should look into potential and current employees and their public records. Obviously, you want employees who are honest and loyal to you and your business but there are also cases that a business pays high costs because of their dishonest and unreliable employees. Businesses are sometimes accused of negligent hiring if they hired employees who has criminal records and did something unlawful. The employer and the business will pay for the damages their employees  did. This is why a lot of businesses conduct a criminal background check on their potential and current employees.

There are various levels of criminal background check in order for anyone who are working around with fellow employees or near civilians, but a check for minimal to medium level makes a lot of sense for a lot of employees. There are many possible ways to look into public records of employees. First, you should use any free information you get on employee public records but for medium level employee public records or criminal background check, you have to pay. Or if you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a professional conduct the research on employee public records and a criminal background check as well.

Always Choose Criminal Background Checks and Free Employee Public Records

Looking at paper works from the court and publicdownload record office is always free, either in person or online but the accuracy of these records are not a hundred percent correct. But still, for potential employees who have a background that can’t be seen and needs permission to do so, this is a great option. As with criminal background check and other types of background checks, keep the records like notes and printouts of your attempts to look at the background information of employees.

Hiring an Investigator to Conduct a Criminal Background Check and Employee Public Records

Dishonest employees who are in high-level positions could do serious harm to your customers and your business; put a search in your To Do List. Investigators usually begin their search in the public records and do more research when there are noticeable red flags. This is when the investigator will conduct a criminal background check to have more information. Like bad employees, there are also bad firms, if the investigator says the information is proprietary and they are not telling you where they got the information, find other firms. Always ask for accredited firms, if they do, this means that they have passed the accreditation test. Accredited firms always give all their effort, time and best practices to serve people bettergovpubacc


What Kind of Employees Are Most Likely to Fail Background Checks?

If you are working in construction or a job that only Trippinrequires one specific skill, there’s a good chance you are laboring next to someone who has history of criminal records. But if you are working in the sectors of nonprofit companies, you are more likely to be sitting next to a person who has lied about his educational background.

Hit ratios for the eight common employment screening criteria which is where the difference came to light when it was analyzed. It was used to calculate what proportion of the potential employees it screened various industries that stretched the truth and left important information off their applications.  48 percent lied about their former employments, 40 percent had unclean driving records, and it was found that more that 51 percent of the real estate industry people had one or more late payment on their credit history. In financial services almost 7 percent of the job applicants had criminal records, 48 percent changed something about their former employment and 21 percent lied about their educational background and credentials. 9 percent of educational employees failed the drug test at the highest rate.

Tweaking, Tinkering and Embellishing.

People at all levels stretch the truth, seen based upon the results of the Background Screening Division. Omissions can sometimes be an innocent mistake; you may think you started working June of 2014 when you actually started August of the same year. But sometimes it’s not so innocent when you are dealing with omissions. Sometimes any individual who was asked if they had criminal records or if they had been convicted of a crime. Not knowing if they had criminal records or even convicted.

Everyone tinkers when it comes to describing their experiences, achievements and accomplishments. Same with companies, they also tweak a little bit when they tell you how great it is to work with them, and how wonderful it is there. Embellishment can turn into misrepresentation when you stretch so much of the facts beyond credibility, such as the degrees and positions you make up. People lack confidence in their selves, that’s why they tinker with their resumes and applications, it is a misrepresentation of who you really are which is very unacceptable. Even the tiniest, the smallest kinds of lies can trip up job applicants. It is very simple to check someone’s major, if they even have one.

Always Tell the Truth.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

Background checking can reveal who you really are, especially when your potential employer hires firms to seek information about you. So if you have bad credits, criminal records, convictions that you committed when you were younger or a six-month employment gap. Just always tell the truth, no matter what how high the stakes are. Chances are your employer see things differently, that teenagers do stupid things and that are people can sometimes be out of work, you have the right to explain the things you did and how you controlled the problem and bring the conversation back to the present and why you are right for the current job position. By that time, the indiscretions might be overlooked by your employer if you are just honest with them.

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Protecting Your Brand with a Background Check

Protect Your Brandbrand

One of the things employers fear is hiring a wrong person who might end up causing harm to your clients and employees, which will make their brand to suffer and be tainted. On the other hand, if they use a background check improperly then it will cause damage to them equally. Conducting a search on criminal records does not eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person, but it can reduce the chance of hiring someone who might have a violent history. No one will forget a company who hired a paedophile to “clean” a playhouse at the mall. Background checks are very essential and important step in hiring new employees.

How much damage will it do if you had a bad hire? And what are the implications?structure.jpg

Hiring and terminating employees are actually five times the bad hire’s annual salary and reviews points out that many of the employees turnover are caused by bad hiring decisions. While thinking about this, it is easy to see the money rolling in with the screening programs. Not searching for criminal records and not having screening programs can have many bad effects which can increase employee turnover and poor retention, can cause harm and embarrassment to your corporate brand and have criminal liability and higher hiring and on boarding costs.

Elements of Background Checking

Vitamins-minerals-elements.jpgThe basic elements that are mostly used for pre-employment background checks are criminal records and sexual offender searches. Finance Companies who have drivers and employees working for them may need more diligent check. A good background check protects companies from the risks of litigation from just a negligent hiring lawsuit, reduces bad hires and employee turnover decreases.

Employers face a lot of regulation layers in the screening process of employees. The best bet is to find a good background check company who knows what to do and has expertise in the industry or an in-house legal team who also knows the appropriate knowledge of these kinds of processes.

Fair Trade Commission and state legislation rules around the background screening processes so always know the right stuff or just hire someone who can do it for you that does. A new guidance of the use of criminal records for the pre-employment screening that caused organization and companies to change corporate policies. Recidivism rates, elapsed times of the crimes and relativity of the job positions should be taken to consideration, which is an important factor now.

The process of screening employees is a complicated and riddled rabbit hole with rules and legislation. But it is an essential process that will protect brands and companies as well as help hire the right kind of people, if it is done very well.

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Why is Background Checking Still a Thing in Our Social Media Era?


Visiting profiles of Job Applicants is a way to knowimages.jpg more about their online activities. But it
isn’t that helpful because it won’t reveal any real and valuable information. You can only find out if they post vulgar comments, racy photos or supports unethical controversial subjects. If the applicant has criminal records, aggressive behavior, has a violent history, horrible work ethic and unstable attendance. You won’t know these things by just looking at their social media profiles.

This kind of research is not enough for protecting the interests of your company, especially of it is self-managed. To know everything about social media searches on an applicant vs. background check companies like GovPublicAccess and why these searches should always be used by professionals.

The visible activities of potential employees can and often impacts their business reputation. Exploring the social media accounts of the job candidates is undoubtedly one of the important part of the hiring process. Another important factor that is always being overlooked is that
when companies are searching social media or some online search engines to perform any type of background checking, free information is not always reliable. False information on the web can also be overlooked, some people think that everything they see online is true. Similar names, birthdays, residences or features that can be similar can always lead to misidentification. The results of these searches will be misleading or inconclusive and they can be disastrous.


Criminal Records Are Important to Search When Hiring Job Applicants

search_detective_online_crop380w.jpgA professionally conducted background investigation will always include a complete check of the applicant’s criminal records and its history based on former addresses and residences. This is more important than their social media profiles, it has important elements of your efforts at screening and it will reveal violent, bad behaviors and characteristics that is not suitable for preserving the safety of your workplace that has been recorded. You can find out if job applicants have criminal records, when they are convicted of crimes, where they served their sentences and more. If there are information pertaining to a person’s criminal records and history is not disclosed, this is the only way employers can find out about past charges.

The long-term legal and financial ramifications are the things an employer should think about when they are thinking about using free, online tools to conduct background checking on job applicants. And using these unauthorized and self-managed searches on social media profiles of your job applicants for hiring and firing decisions can be the cause of discrimination claims.

You can fall short in protecting your company from unethical applicants with extensive criminal records and those incapable of successfully managing their financial profiles. Outsource the investigations of your job applicants to professional companies who exceeds their practices and to make it their business to be mindful and compliant of hiring laws and regulations of all kind.

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