Willingness vs. Reluctance of Employers in Hiring Ex-Offenders

background-check-policy-assessment.jpgDisproportionate shares of recently released prisoners are all kept in California and in 2001 some prisoners that were recently released returned to Los Angeles. The reintegration of the group into the society and its success will depend on the chance that they will accept and have jobs. Data from the 90s showed the employer’s willingness to give ex-offenders’ jobs were only a small percentage like the groups of people who are welfare patients or those who are long-term unemployed the disadvantage workers. Employers who don’t check the criminal records tend to discriminate applicants who were all colored or applicants who had weak employment experiences and records

Extensive information gathered from firms was about minority ownership status, racial composition of applicants, and presence of collective bargaining. And the willingness of the firms in hiring ex-offenders for jobs and if employers actually hired a person with criminal records. Identifying if employers know if they hired applicant with criminal records and whether they knew or not and if employers used background checks to find criminal records or any kind of red flag.

Willingness to Hire People with Criminal Records

Over 40 percent of employers said they would definitely not have interested in hiring people with criminal records even for a job that does not need any college degree. There is a little change in ideals now than the data from 1992, despite the small pool of applicants in the labor market. But 90 percent of employers have said that they would consider hiring people with disadvantages with GED but without any high school diploma.

The reluctance in hiring people with criminal records continues and reflects problems in both the supply and demand of labor. The incarcerated applicants do not generally gain work experience and skills that they erode while they were inside the prison and serving time.

Use of Checking Criminal Records

background-check.jpgChecking criminal records are one way for employers to get access to information of the applicant’s criminal records and the constitution of an indirect means of gauging aversion of employers in hiring people with criminal records.

Employers are less averse to hiring people with criminal records of certain kinds of offenses than others and they take experience from post-prison work into hiring decisions. There are potential returns to policies that will give transitional jobs for those who are leaving prison. A lot of employers Run Criminal Background Check and refuse hiring ex-offender; it is to check these legal barriers especially the laws that prevent hiring into certain jobs and industries.

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